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One Last Blast
in four battleground states
Help 16 Democrats finish strong in critical down-ballot races
Donate state by state in Michigan, Arizona,
Pennsylvania & North Carolina

Or make one donation to support all 16 of our picks (or just your favorite states & candidates)

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3 Reasons to Give in These 4 States

Of our target states, three went for Biden in 2020, but by narrow margins. And they all share traits that put them at the center of the midterms and the 2024 elections.

Since the Dobbs decision, Republicans in all these states have passed new abortion restrictions and promised to impose total bans at the first chance they get. Like voting rights, the environment and gun safety, abortion access must be defended in the states.

Due to past gerrymandering, extremists control the legislatures in all these states, even though voters are closely divided. (For example Biden won Arizona by just 0.3%.) However, new district maps have created a more level playing field in some cases. This gives Democrats a chance to flip key seats and possibly one or two legislative chambers. 

These four battleground states account for 61 Electoral Votes: 23% of the 270 needed to win the White House. Election deniers running this year must be defeated so they can’t collude to overturn election results in 2024.

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