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ARIZONA in a nutshell

In the Trumpiest state, election deniers are running for every statewide office and dozens of down-ballot races. Democrats need our support to win some very tight races and achieve key goals: 

  • Help Adrian Fontes - a former marine and respected election official in Maricopa County - defeat conspiracy monger Mark Finchem, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

  • Gain two seats in either the state Senate or the House to win a majority in that chamber. Gaining two seats in both chambers (a long shot) would give Democrats full control of the legislature.

  • Stop the GOP’s far-right agenda including voter suppression measures, new abortion restrictions, and under-funding of public schools that rank 49th in the US. 


Donate to elect 3 state legislative candidates and the nominee for Secretary of State:

  • Adrian Fontes, for Secretary of State  

  • Christine Marsh, incumbent, Senate District 4 

  • Eva Burch, seeking an open seat, Senate District 9 

  • Jennifer Pawlik, incumbent, House District 13


You’ll find candidate profiles on the Arizona donation page.



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