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Our Slate of 16 Candidates 

With one donation, make an impact across all four states. Support any or all of 16 Democrats on our slate. Split your contribution any way you like. And be done in a minute or two!  If you prefer to donate state by state, use the navigation menu above. 


  • Lisa Borowski, House District 168

  • Melissa Cerrato, House District 151

  • Dr. Arvind Venkat, House District 30

  • Paul Friel, House District 26



  • Jocelyn Benson, Secretary of State

  • Rep. Padma Kuppa, Senate District 9

  • Kristen Rivet, Senate District 39

  • Rep.Terry J. Sabo, Senate District 32



  • Adrian Fontes, Secretary of State

  • Sen. Christine Marsh, Senate District 4

  • Eva Burch, Senate District 9

  • Rep.Jennifer Pawlik, Legislative District 13



  • Sen. Sydney Batch, Senate District 17

  • Mary Wills Bode, Senate District 18

  • Ricky Hurtado, House District 63

  • Justice Sam Ervin IV, incumbent State Supreme Court Justice


Candidate Selection

A lot goes into choosing the down-ballot candidates C&C raises money for in our target states. Most importantly, we monitor which races and candidates are drawing support from the state-focused “major leagues”: independent organizations with deep expertise and robust volunteer networks, that focus exclusively or to a great extent on state elections. 

These groups identify and support the most promising candidates in the toughest races and continually track whether their campaigns have sufficient resources to wage a fierce fight and finish strong. Their expertise is strong incentive to lend our support as these campaigns make their final sprint to Election Day.

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