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MICHIGAN in a nutshell

Having carried the state in seven of the last eight presidential elections, Democrats see the midterms setting the stage for a must-win presidential year. In the closing weeks of the race, Blue-leaning voters have a chance to:

  • Protect access to abortion and contraception by passing a ballot question that will amend the state constitution.

  • Re-elect Jocelyn Benson who, as Secretary of State,  ran the 2020 election with the results being affirmed in 10 court challenges and 250 local audits. 

  • Leverage more Dem-friendly district maps to possibly win a Blue majority in the state Senate for the first time in decades.


Donate to 3 state Senate candidates and the incumbent Secretary of State:

  • Kristen Rivet, Senate District 35  

  • House Rep. Padma Kuppa, running in Senate District 9 

  • House Rep. Terry Sabo, running in Senate District 32

  • Jocelyn Benson, current Secretary of State 

You’ll find candidate profiles on the Michigan donation page.


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