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PENNSYLVANIA in a nutshell

Democrats need to gain ground in the GOP-majority legislature for three reasons: prevent GOP lawmakers from passing a total abortion ban in 2023; give the likely governor, Democrat Josh Shapiro, a stronger Democratic caucus to work with, and fend off election interference by Republicans in 2024.


Two factors could boost Dems in 2022: The first is a redistricting process that created several new, Blue-friendly seats. The second is increased voter registration following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.


Between June and August, 62% of Pennsylvania women who had registered did so as Democrats (vs 15% as Republicans); 54% were younger than 25; and registrations by women outpaced men by 12%.


Donate to elect four state legislative candidates:

  • Lisa Borowski, House District 168 

  • Melissa Cerrato, House District 151 

  • Dr. Arvind Venkat, House District 30

  • Paul Friel, House District 26

You’ll find candidate profiles on the Pennsylvania donation page. 

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